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mid-61-01: 25.03.61 Hazel Grove 42339 on 9.15am Buxton - Manchester Central crossing LNW line

mid-64-01: 03.09.64 New Mills East Goods 48501 in yard, 90080 passing on down goods. Note ferry van

mid-65-01: ??.??.65 near Chinley. Class 25 on ICI hoppers

mid-65-02: 04.10.65 Peak Forest. 46465 light engine. 48465 on banking duty.

mid-65-03: 04.10.65 Peak Forest. 92051 passing with partly-fitted freight

mid-65-04: 04.10.65 Peak Forest. 48465 banking ICI hoppers (D5276 on front)

mid-65-05: 04.10.65 Peak Forest. 48748 arriving back at Peak Forest with trip from Tunstead/Great Rocks, probably T97

mid-65-06: 04.10.65 Peak Forest. 48748 on shunt to Great Rocks /Tunstead ready to leave (?T97)

mid-65-07: 04.10.65 Peak Forest. D131 on 8.05a, St Pancras - Manchester

mid-65-08: 04.10.65 Peak Forest. 92165 on erstwhile 'Birkenhead' train passing

mid-65-09: 04.10.65 Peak Forest. 48748 on shunt to Great Rocks /Tunstead ready to leave (?T97)

mid-68-01: 27.04.68 Strines. 48373 (9D) on goods from Gowhole

mid-68-02: 27.04.68 Strines. 44781 and 45046 on rail tour

mid-69-01: 12.04.69 Monsal Dale viaduct looking east

mid-69-03: 12.04.69 Chee Tor No.1 Tunnel seen from Chee Tor No.02.

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