The J.W. Sutherland railway print collection

fnv: Buxton Line: Furness Vale

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fnv-59-01: 30.05.59 Furness Vale with up diesel arriving

fnv-59-02: 30.05.59 Furness Vale station, garden being tended

fnv-59-04: 22.05.59 Furness Vale 42582 +5 on 5.50pm Manchester - Buxton

fnv-60-01: 04.06.60 Between Whaley Bridge and Furness Vale, underbridge

fnv-60-02: 04.06.60 Furness Vale 42886 on left with coal wagon special (for station) run clear of48691 (6C) on Birkenhead - Buxton

fnv-60-03: 04.06.60 Furness Vale 42886 on left with coal wagon special, one wagon + brake (for station)

fnv-60-04: 04.06.60 Furness Vale M50422 + M 50426 on Buxton - Manchester train

fnv-78-01: .1978 Furness Vale view of station from up line

fnv-78-02: .1978 Furness Vale back of station buildings

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