The J.W. Sutherland railway print collection

etc: Miscellaneous including Scottish, Southern, USA

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etc-00-01: n.d. ?Kyle line goods, Class 26

etc-00-02: n.d. Dover Priory 31789 4-4-0

etc-00-03: 1950s. Borth. Cambrian Coast Express

etc-53-01: 04.09.53 Thurso. 54491 on afternoon train to Georgemas, through coaches to Inverness

etc-55-01: 25.05.55 Penmere Platform. 4569 on 4.18pm Falmouth- Truro

etc-57-01: 12.09.57 Southampton Central 30855. Down Bournemough Belle behind

etc-57-02: 13.09.57 New Romney. 31279 on motor train from Ashford

etc-57-03: 13.09.57 Havant. 32646 (Terrier) on Hayling island train

etc-57-04: 13.09.57 Havant. 32646 (Terrier) on Hayling island train

etc-57-05: 13.09.57 Dover Priory. 31497

etc-57-06: 13.09.57 RHDR New Romney 'Southern Maid'

etc-57-07: 13.09.57 RHDR Dungeness 'Southern Maid'

etc-57-08: 14.09.57 Dover Priory 31542 (SECR 0-4-4T) shunting

etc-58-01: 04.05.58 Los Angeles 'Traceltown' Sharp & Fellows no.7 & SF 3025

etc-58-02: 04.58 Los Angeles Union station. Santa Fe 44

etc-58-03: 11.05.58 Newark. Penn GG-1 4869 on 'The John Wilkes' to New York Penn station.

etc-61-01: 28.06.61 Royal Oak. LT Metropolitan line train

etc-61-02: 28.06.61 London Paddington. 5093 on 11.55am to MIlford

etc-70-01: 16.05.70 Darfield Main colliery. Darfield No. 2 Hunslet 3805 (1953)

etc-70-02: 16.05.70 North Gawber colliery Hudswell Clarke 1857 out of use

etc-70-03: 16.05.70 Grimethorpe colliery Vulcan 5396 (1945) temporarily used as a rope anchor weight

etc-70-04: 13.07.70 Severn Valley Railway 3205 ontrain leaving Bridgnorth

etc-70-05: 13.07.70 Bulmers Hereford. 6000 King George V.

etc-70-06: 13.07.70 Bulmers Hereford. 6000 King George V and train

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