The J.W. Sutherland railway print collection

dsl: Buxton Line: Disley area

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dsl-00-01: ??.??.?? Disley LNW tunnel

dsl-58-01: 28.05.58 Disley 42887 (9A) on 4-coach 5.40pm Manchester - Buxton

dsl-58-02: 30.08.58 Disley goods

dsl-58-03: 30.08.58 Disley goods. Brake van on Stockport - New Mills shunter. 9.20am Manchester - Buxton passing

dsl-58-04: 30.08.58 Disley goods. Shunting in progress Stockport - New Mills shunter

dsl-58-05: 30.08.58 Disley goods. Shunting in progress, Stockport - New Mills shunter

dsl-58-06: 30.08.58 Disley goods. 44271 on Stockport New Mills shunter

dsl-58-07: 30.08.58 Disley goods 9.12am Buxton - Manchester DMU passing

dsl-58-08: 30.08.58 Disley goods 42886 +9 empty coaches from Buxton to form SO Stockport - Southport service

dsl-58-09: 30.08.58 Disley goods 44271 shunting vans back to brake van Stockport - New Mills shunter

dsl-58-10: 30.08.58 Disley goods 44271 shunting Stockport - New Mills shunter

dsl-59-01: 17.10.59 Disley Goods 49453 on return New Mills shunt

dsl-60-01: 27.02.60 west of Disley. 42877 on Buxton - Hooton goods

dsl-60-02: 04.05.60 between Disley and New Mills 49281 on shunter to Buxton

dsl-60-03: 04.05.60 Disley goods with Bowaters lorries

dsl-60-04: 04.05.60 Disley goods 49401 (9B) ready to leave for Stockport after shunting

dsl-61-01: 26.05.61 Disley 42952 (9B) on Whit Friday 1.35 goods from Buxton

dsl-61-02: 26.05.61 Disley station. Mr Clegg in signalbox

dsl-61-03: 23.09.61 Disley goods. 42372 on 'Four Counties Railtour'

dsl-62-01: 03.03.62 Disley goods in snow

dsl-62-02: 03.03.62 Disley goods in snow. 48558 on Buxton - Hooton. Bowaters works on left

dsl-62-03: 03.03.62 Disley goods in snow. 48106 (8B) on Rowsley - Adswood

dsl-62-04: 03.03.62 Disley goods in snow

dsl-62-05: 03.03.62 Disley 44042 on late-running parcels

dsl-62-06: 03.03.62 Disley 48519 (9B) on shunter to Buxton

dsl-62-07: 03.03.62 Disley LNW tunnel 9.20am Manchester - Buxton leaving#

dsl-63-01: 16.02.63 Disley goods 42748 (9G) shunting

dsl-63-02: 16.02.63 Disley station (LNWR timber version)

dsl-63-03: 16.02.63 Disley goods. 42748 shunting on return from New Mills, 48429 on 'shunter' to Buxton passing

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