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che: Cheadle Heath area

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che-00-01: ??.??.?? Cheadle Heath. Midland Railway 4-5-0 503 (oil fired)

che-61-01: 12.05.61 Cheadle Heath. 40097 on 5.31pm from Manchester Central

che-61-02: 30.08.61 Cheadle Heath. 40105 on 5.31pm from Manchester Central

che-61-03: 30.08.61 Cheadle Heath. 40105 on stock of 5.31pm from Manchester Central

che-61-04: 30.08.61 Cheadle Heath. D112 +7 on 2.25pm London St Pancras - Manchester Central

che-63-01: 22.07.63 Cheadle Heath 42134 arriving on 5.10pm (SX) from Manchester Central

che-63-02: 17.08.63 near Cheadle Heath 45426 +9 on 2.10pm (SO) Blackpool North - Sheffield Midland

che-63-03: 16.09.63 near Cheadle Heath 46129 on 5.30pm Manchester Central - Buxton

che-63-04: 17.08.63 near Cheadle Heath 44735 on train 1F32 (SO) Blackpool to Nottingham Midland at 4.25pm

che-64-01: 16.07.64 near Cheadle Heath 42159 on 5.32pm Cheadle Heath - Manchester Central

che-64-02: 16.07.64 near Cheadle Heath 48135 on down ICI hoppers 16 + van

che-64-03: 16.07.64 near Cheadle Heath 42113 on 5.10pm Manchester Central - Cheadle Heath crossing the Mersey

che-64-04: 15.08.64 Cheadle Heath 45091 +10 on 11.30 (SO) Llandudno - Sheffield leaving

che-64-05: 22.08.64 Cheadle Heath 42133 arriving on 12.23pm (SO) from Manchester Central

che-66-01: 15.04.66 Cheadle Heath. Last up Midland Pullman

che-66-02: 15.04.66 Cheadle Heath. 43063 on 8.02 am to Manchester Central

che-66-03: ??.66 Cheadle Heath. Midland Pullman

che-66-04: 24.12.66 Cheadle Heath. 44830 on 13.13 arrival from Manchester Central. Green coaches.

che-66-05: 24.12.66 Cheadle Heath. Oner blue and one green diesel on 12.28 arrival from Manchester Central

che-67-01: 04.09.67 near Cheadle Heath 92036 on eastbound coal empties cross the Mersey

che-69-01: 27.04.69 Cheadle Heath 17.30 Manchester Central - Sheffield Midland (ex Liverpool Lime Street)

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