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bux: Buxton station

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bux-00-01: n.d. Buxton LNW station interior with bookstall

bux-00-02: n.d. Buxton LNW Troop special of 4-wheeled coaches leaving

bux-00-03: 01.1930 Buxton LNW loco 2371 + 6-car Watford set lettered 'London Road & Buxton' (JR Hollick)

bux-00-04: 1919 Buxton LNW. Military train (P.Rutherford)

bux-00-05: 1950s Buxton LNW. Manchester train leaving (E.R.Morten)

bux-00-06: n.d. Buxton LNW. Ashbourne platform (H.Townley)

bux-51-01: 04.51 Buxton LNW 42461 on 8.20am to Manchester

bux-53-01: 24.04.53 Buxton LNW 42371 on 9.5am to Manchester

bux-57-01: 17.08.57 Buxton MR 41906 on 2-coach train to Millers Dale

bux-59-01: 28.03.59 Buxton LNW right-hand DMU is going to depot sidings

bux-59-02: 20.06.59 Higher Buxton goods station

bux-60-01: 12.07.60 Buxton LNW 42583 (9A) on evening parcels

bux-60-02: 12.07.60 Buxton LNW 42583 (9A) on 5.37pm Manchester Mayfield - Buxton

bux-60-03: 12.07.60 Buxton 42886 (9D) on 5.50pm Mayfield - Buxton approaching

bux-60-04: 30.04.60 Buxton 48451 on Arpley train climbing out of Buxton

bux-60-05: 28.05.60 Buxton 48322 (9D) on Arpley train leaving Buxton. 48278 banking

bux-60-06: 28.05.60 Buxton 43250 (17C) banking Rowsley -Adswood goods leaving Buxton. 42932 on front

bux-60-07: 28.05.60 Buxton 48278 (9D) running light to Buxton after banking train to Hooton

bux-60-08: 28.05.60 Buxton 42932 (9B) on Rowsley - Adswood goods 43250 banking

bux-61-01: 13.05.61 Higher Buxton 49391 shunting

bux-61-02: 13.05.61 Buxton 49391 returning with Higher Buxton shunt

bux-61-05: 13.05.61 Buxton 48462 (8E) on Buxton - Widnes goods waiting for banker

bux-61-06: 26.09.61 between Bibbingtons and Buxton Stockport - Stalybridge DMU arriving for servicing

bux-62-01: 17.03.62 Buxton 48558 arriving on 'shunter' from Stockport

bux-62-02: 17.03.62 between Buxton and Bibbingtons 49403 banking Buxton - Hooton train

bux-62-03: 30.08.62 Buxton MR 'London-Buxton' coach on right, not used that day

bux-63-01: 18.06.63 Buxton LNW 44916 (9A) on evening parcels

bux-64-01: 21.08.64 Buxton MR D5286 on 5.5pm to Derby

bux-66-01: 03.06.66 Buxton MR M79973 Park Royal railbus leaving on 11.35am to Millers Dale

bux-66-02: 03.06.66 Buxton MR M79973 Park Royal railbus leaving on 11.35am to Millers Dale

bux-67-01: 04.08.71 Buxton LNW. DMU arriving, diesel locos outside depot

bux-68-01: 11.10.68 Buxton LNW DMU departing past site of loco shed

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